Belly Dance Class Schedule

Ongoing Belly Dance Classes with Terry
for Fun, Fitness or Serious Study of Middle Eastern Dances

Classes will be continued to be held online remotely until further posted Sign up for Terry's Newsletter to get updates on when classes are returning to the studio. Sign up  for online classes or send a note on contact form.

Register and Pay to get Class Info 1 day Prior to Class All classes are $20

Beginner's Belly Dance Classes,
6 Week Session :September 9th, 2020 to October 14th

Wednesdays 7:30-9pm PST,
July 15th To August 19th 2020
Class Card for $90.00 for 6 classes

Beginner Belly Dance classes are geared for the casual or serious student.
Focus is on learning the fundamentals of belly dance isolations, dance footwork,and rhythmic identification. A comprehensive belly dance vocabulary including steps, turns and transitions. 

Intermediate Classes Tuesdays 7:30-9PM PST are directed to dancers who are familiar with Middle Eastern Dances and Terry's technique and dance vocabulary. Musical understanding, props, finger cymbals and performance elements are presented . This class periodically has musical accompaniment from Marc and Ling Shien Bell of Helm.

Advanced Classes Saturday 11:30-1PM PST are geared for long term student who has a comprehensive understanding and familiarity with Terry's repertoire and dance vocabulary.

Dancer's Tool Chest with Baraka
Dancer's Tool Chest with Baraka

Terry's teaching style is inclusive of everyone from the casual or serious student to the working dance professional. There is no certification program for her curriculum. After steady attendance and regular practice beginning students are encouraged to attend advanced classes. There is no "troupe class" or performance only class. However performance-ready and or interested students are provided opportunity to perform at student showcases.

Please feel free to contact Terry by phone or e-mail with any questions about classes or workshops. Private lessons are also available.

Workshop with Sabrina
Iraqi Kawleeya Workshop with Sabrina

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