Belly Dance Class Schedule

Terry has been a Belly Dance Teacher in the SF Bay area for over 20 years.
Terry's dances and teachings are a blend of traditional Arabic dance styling
that are seasoned with the contemporary flavor of her signature moves.
Terry's interpretation of belly dance motivates her beginner students,
inspires the intermediate and challenges the seasoned dancer. 

Advanced Level Saturdays

11:30-1:00pm , Previous class experience required.
Suzie's Studio 425 Irwin St. San Rafael, Ca .

Intermediate level Tuesdays 

7:30-9:pm , Drop-Ins Welcome! Suzie's Studio 425 Irwin St
San Rafael, Ca.

Beginners Belly Dance Series
Perfect for the beginner or returning student.

Wed PM 7:30-9pm Drop-Ins Welcome!
CSRI 7 Ross Ave San Anselmo, Ca.
Monthly 1/31, 2/28, 3/28, 4/25/18 Beginners
All classes are $20.00

All classes are fast paced, progressive and designed to encourage strength,
precise technique and creativity. All classes start with an invigorating warm
up and end with a cool down. Please try to eat at least one hour prior to class
and stay well hydrated during class. All levels should bring zils (finger cymbals),
a veil and a notebook in your dance bag. Please, no heels in class.

Belly Dance Class FAQ